16DEC3301 Cargo Run

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If anyone's ever told you that space is fun, they're fucking lying to you. It is boring. I took an offer up on shipping some aluminum from Sylvester City to Fairbairn Station Outpost for 179,582 cred. I accepted; easy money right? Sure, except I don't have any aluminum. Time to take a trip to Potriti to see if they have any. At least my computer tells me they're trading the stuff out like crazy. Lets see where this takes me.

Oh yeah, I've never been there before either.

It turns out that instead of just going over to Potriti once to pick up some trading supplies, I had to go there and back to my original destination about three or four times to pick up and drop off supplies each time. Once I'd dropped off one shipment request, another took its place. I guess that was alright, I mean, I'm getting paid for this kind of thing, yeah?

Did I mention that space is extremely boring? Yeah, you might as well go find something else to do while you're cruising through LHS 3447 at 27c (that's multiples of the speed of light, with 1c being equivalent to the speed of light) At least the pay is nice when you're just popping in from place to place to buy, sell, collect, and move onward. ed-freightspecialist (small).PNG